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Application of Algae as Food and Feed Products

Algae applicability for the human

Algae is a source of vitamins for the human

Poultry Farming

Effect from the use of algae as a feeding to chickens at a proportion of 5% - 10% of the standard chicken diet:

  • chickens fed with algae biomass consumed 10% less food;

  • chicken serum cholesterol levels were significantly lower;

  • egg yolks of chickens fed with algae have reduced cholesterol levels (by 10%);

  • higher growth rates;lower mortality.

Pig Breeding

Effect from the use of algae in the diet of pigs:

  • time is reduced rearing of  young animals by 12%;

  • decreases the amount of food daily ration of 50% (1 kg is equivalent to the traditional feed 250 g + 250 g of algal biomass feed);

  • Improves the quality of the meat, as food: lower cholesterol and increase the protein content.

Cattle Breeding


Effect from the use of algae in the diet of cattle:

  • increased live weight gain;

  • increase in milk production 10%;

  • reduces the maturation of young at 2 to 3 months;

  • reduced mortality.

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